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Foldable Travel Pillow


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Sleep Easy The Next Time You Travel

Are you tired of tossing and turning in your sleep when you’re traveling? This pillow is the perfect solution for your sleep troubles when you’re traveling.

Made with five different comfort modes to choose from. Giving you the option to adjust it to what’s most comfortable and let you enjoy your sleep just the way you like it.

Adjustable lock design helps keep it in place all throughout your travel. So you never have to worry about it falling out of place and waking you up from your deep sleep. Just flip it, lock it and enjoy it.

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Regular Mode

This is just like using the pillow as a regular neck pillow, great when sitting upright in your chair.

Snooze Mode

Lock the pillow on an angle and turn it sideways to get the most comfortable sleeping position you can.

Table Mode

Place the pillow on a table, lock it on an angle and you can allow yourself to sleep comfortably on any table or table tray.

REM Sleep Mode

Attach the included straps to the chair behind you and allow yourself to fall forward into the best sleep you’ll probably ever have on an airplane!

Resting Mode

The pillow can even fold out 180 degrees so you can have a comfortable rest up against the window.