Visiting Every Country in the World Shirt

Make a custom shirt with a world map and the countries you’ve been to! Simply fill in the countries you’ve visited in the form below and we will create a shirt with a world map as well as calculate the percentage of countries you’ve been to. Production time is around 3 days as these are custom made. Makes an excellent gift to all travellers!

How do we calculate the percentage? We calculate the percentage by using the number of countries you’ve visited to out of 195 (number of countries in the world), so be sure to include all the countries you’ve been too, even if they’re too small to show up on the map.

Your next shirt is 25% off! We understand you’ll visit more countries and want to update your map, that’s why we’re offering a discount your next order to update your old design. Just message us with your previous order number to receive the discount before ordering!

*Please note, small countries may not appear on the map.

$22.99 – $24.99

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